Rodent Exclusion

Our Approach


Rodent Exclusion. When combined with an annual rodent program, exclusionary tactics can reduce activity dramatically. Our trained technicians will closely inspect your foundation, garage, basement and crawl space from the inside and out for any rodent pathways. All accessible cavities, pipe chases and vents are then properly sealed to limit mice and rat activity. In addition, we will remove and replace infested insulation. We will disinfect and HEPA vacuum all rodent droppings to ensure a healthy environment.


Rat Appearance. 7" to 9.5" with their tail being 6"to 8" brown in color with some black hairs.


Habitat. Rats are nocturnal. They don't like change very much, so they are hesitant to enter new homes. They usually nest in basements and will feed on meat, fish, and cereal.


How do they affect me? Rats can carry many diseases such as leptospirosis, trichinosis and salmonella. They can also cause damage to your home.


What should I do? Your home must be rodent proof -with all possible entryways sealed. Good sanitation measures should be kept. Rats are covered by our Home Pest Prevention program and our Vector Intervention Program.